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It's no mistake or coincidence that REV23 is trusted and relied on by some of the most successful businesses and names in the industry. REV23 was chosen by these businesses, not given away. These testimonials were earned, not bought.

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REV23 - One Drop Ink

One Drop Ink

We cannot fully explain how drastically REV23 has improved our work flow at our shop. We just started using REV23 in January, 2018 and were able to be a part of the beta testing throughout this most recent build. It's something that definitely takes time to get used to and that's because it is so comprehensive that it basically handles all of your needs. If you're a shop that doesn't have a strong front desk system, REV23 can dramatically up your game as it has scheduling, appointment reminders, follow ups and a bunch of features that make your interaction with a customer easier. If you have a front desk team, REV23 will enhance everything that you are doing. I have a group of people who handle my front desk and REV23 has made they're job far easier than any other system we used. Every person on my staff is consistently happy at the ease in workflow REV23 has. The number of things you can control in REV23 is incredible. It has built in reporting, marketing metrics, inventory, customer database, the list goes on and on. There is literally too much to tell you about, but I would be happy to give you my insight and you can email us through our shop website onedropink.com and I will tell you all that I can. And let's not forget the builder, Nate. You will never find someone who will take care of you like he does. He never leaves you hanging, you are always a priority, and he listens to your needs. This software is an extension of him and his personality. Don't pass this up. You don't know how bad you need something like REV23. This is the future.

REV23 - Lucky 76 Tattoo Co.

Lucky 76 Tattoo Co.

My studio has been using REV23 since we opened a year ago. The sophistication of this software is amazing. Nate's design and set up has eliminated all use of paperwork behind the scenes. We have now been through two Health Department Inspections. The ease of which I can recall any and all client related records had the inspectors speechless, to the point that they made a note of REV23 on my checklist. My area requires that I keep all files on hand for two years, and with REV23 I don't have boxes of paperwork stacked up and collecting dust. REV23 makes setting up the client consent forms and recording of all needed ID documentation so much faster than filling out archaic forms with pens and pencils. Being able to contact the support staff at any time with questions, comments, or concerns is awesome. Nate, at my request, added a feature that was specific to my personal needs. He and his team go above and beyond any of my expectations with REV23. I am proud to say that I am the probably the first studio in my area to have REV23.

REV23 - The Rue Morgue Tattoo Gallery

The Rue Morgue Tattoo Gallery

REV23 - The Rusty Needle Tattoo Parlor

The Rusty Needle Tattoo Parlor

  • Lakeside, OR

REV23 [Desktop] is software that will allow your studio to grow and keep track of that growth in so many ways! The ease of use and Nate’s customer service is second to none. My customers appreciate it as well with the auto emails and texts to keep them on time and paperless confirmations/aftercare etc.. I highly recommend this software for every studio.