I've been around a long time. I've dealt with a lot of support and internal help desks and I have to say you are one of the best!

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Looking for a great read? Seeking tales of thrilling adventure and steamy romance? Look no further than our user guide! Destined for the New York Times Bestseller list!


Visit us on YouTube for videos featuring training, top support requests, tips and tricks, feature previews and more. Here are a couple of our playlists that are sure to go viral.


We've been doing this a long time and we hear the same questions a lot. It will be hard to stump us with one we haven't heard before. Check the FAQ to see if we've already answered your question.

We're going to be at All Hallows Tattoo Expo

Friday, October 19, 2018 - Sunday, October 21, 2018

If you're going to be there, come say hi! We'd love to meet you. Founder and developer Nate will be in the REV23 booth.

Please anticipate a delayed response time to support requests between that Thursday and Monday.

Help us help you

Here are some tips from REV23 Support to ensure your request is handled as fast and efficiently as possible.

  • Self service. We're always improving our User Guide, FAQ and adding videos to YouTube. You may be able to search there to find your answer for immediate satisfaction. If your question is answered in the User Guide, we'll be directing you there anyways.
  • Make the first one count. If you send us an email that just says "I need help." we will reply asking what the problem actually is. Skip this step and save yourself some time by getting right into some details.
  • Be specific. Include specific details about your issue. "My software isn't working" doesn't help us much and will delay a resolution. What were you trying to do? What did you expect it to do? What did it do instead? What steps have you already tried?
  • Error messages. If there is an error message, please tell us exactly what it says rather than "It gave me an error message".
  • Screenshots. Screenshots are a great way of showing us what the issue is and helps us get on the same page quickly. Click here for screenshot help.
  • Call me maybe. We try to solve as many issues as possible by email. An email that just says "call me" will only get an email response unless we know specifically what the issue is and that it actually warrants a phone call.
  • Urgent vs. "urgent". Make no mistake, your issue is important to us. But please know the difference between urgent (your software is completely down and you have a lobby full of people) and something that can wait for a few. We prioritize based on the issue, so if you've habitually cried wolf it may delay our response when you actually do have an urgent issue.
  • NO NEED TO YELL. Sometimes things go wrong and it can get a little stressful, we get it. But yelling is annoying and a poor way to communicate. An angry message might wait a little longer in our inbox than someone who sounds a little happier and appreciative to hear from us, savvy?
  • Leave the past in the past. When creating new support requests, please create a brand new message rather than replying to an email from an issue we solved 6 months ago. If we have to go back and read the old replies only to determine they're not relevant to your current issue this will delay our response.

Send us a message

You can email us anytime at support@rev23.com or use the form below. Check out our support tips to ensure sure you get the right answer as quickly as possible!

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Expert support

When you need answers you'll get them right from the developer! No tier 2 escalation needed. Who better to understand your question than the person that wrote the code?

Born in the USA

We're American based. No overseas call center filled with people that aren't quite sure what you're talking about.

We love this job

We love our users, our software and our job! We consider ourselves lucky to be doing it and we show it. We give 100% to each and every issue!

Remote Support

Click the button to start a remote support session using TeamViewer QuickSupport. Download and run the file then give the support agent the generated ID. Don't click this without us asking you, otherwise, like a bad blind date, you'll be waiting for someone that never shows up .