Credit Cards

Simplified payments

Integrated Credit Card Processing
with Clover Connect

Accepting credit cards can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. REV23 has partnered with Clover Connect to offer best-in-class payments technology for the body modification industry to ensure accepting credit card payments is always simple, secure and affordable.

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Easy Tipping

Clients are prompted to tip each artist/piercer on the sale, and optionally show the recommended tip amounts for each. Tips are reported back to the artist payout.

Add Surcharges

Want to offset some credit card fees? You can optionally pass those on to your clients automatically with each transation.
Check your local laws to make sure this is allowed and what rules apply for your studio.

Custom Device Theme

You can customize your terminal's display with custom colors and your studio's logo to match and promote your brand when the terminal is not in use.

Take payments from your website
and on-the-go

You can add a Hosted Payment Page (HPP) to take payments from a website for an online deposit, or use the mobile app to easily take payments at a convention. These transactions can be downloaded directly into REV23.

Clover Connect REV23 Hosted Payment Page

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Want to use your
existing processor?

REV23 is integrated with the Clover Connect CardPointe Integrated Payments platform, not individual devices, which means Clover Connect is required for direct integration.

Additionally, your bank may say "We can board you to Clover Connect (or CardPointe)!". They cannot. These Agents (third-party Clover Connect resellers) are unable to board you to the integrated payments platform for ISV's like REV23. If you wish to use Clover Connect, you must sign-up through the REV23 channel.

Note: If you don't want to integrate, you can record a credit card payment just like any other payment without the integration.

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