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REV23 - Bloodline Tattoo

Bloodline Tattoo

REV23 is an instrumental part of our daily operations here at Bloodline Tattoo Studio in Phuket Thailand. The product and their customer service are second to none. If you're in the market for a company to help you with your customer booking system and a whole lot more, look no further than REV23

REV23 - Captive Elements

Captive Elements

We have been using Tattoo Management Studio in my shop for almost a year now and I couldn't be happier with it! We had previously been using Modbase. After our system crashed and I could not get anyone from Modbase to return my calls or emails I knew that it was time to move on. I cannot express enough how great it is to work with a company that is so dedicated to helping with any questions or concerns we may have. Tattoo Management Studio has been very easy to learn and to train other employees on. I strongly believe that this system has improved our customer service. It only takes a few simple clicks to find client’s files and important information about the services we have done for them. In the 15 years we have been in business we have never come across a program that works so well for the tattoo and piercing industry. The fact that I am able to create and edit my own consent and aftercare forms allows us to keep up to date with all industry and legal requirements. I can say with absolutely no doubt that we will be using Tattoo Management Studio for years to come! Thank you Nate for making such an awesome product!

REV23 - Custom Tattooz Magazine

Custom Tattooz Magazine

Oh what a pleasure it is to have technology to do the work!

REV23 - Fox Tattoo

Fox Tattoo

Would recommend this software a hundred times over, but add the exceptional customer service and quick response in to the mix and it's irreplaceable! Absolutely hands down an invaluable system and the customer support is above and beyond any other company we've ever worked with! Nate, you're the best! Thank you so much! === Updated Jan, 2020 As all good stories start..... So what happened was...🤦 We just want to truly say we are so sorry and I hope you know (which I know you do) how amazeballs you really are. 😂😭. We were really struggling with not having cloud access. My husband and I travel so much and the artists need access to their schedules remotely. So we made the decision to switch software companies and give it a go. Please .... For the love of God.. take👏us👏back! There is literally NO ONE that does what you do. No one. You may not have cloud access and some of the bells and whistles some other programs have but you are the only one that runs seamlessly and easily and truly does exactly what a tattoo studio needs without question. So I am running back with my tail between my legs asking for your forgiveness. Lol. Thank you for what you've built and how hard you continue to work to grow this program. I loved you and this software before but after stepping away for a minute I appreciate you more now than you can even imagine. So this is us begging for your forgiveness and for you to also have added encouragement to know that you truly are the ONLY program that knows wtf it's doing. You're a badass and we appreciate you! David and Stephanie ♥️

REV23 - Hanging City Body Modification

Hanging City Body Modification

This software is amazing! It's tailored to the piercing tattoo industry and has pretty much everything you can think you will need in a POS system. It combines consent forms, inventory, customers, custom jewelry ordering, credit card processing, appointment book, daily reports, tax reports, and even keeps up with supplies if you need it to. The best part is Nate is always super quick with tech support and responses and getting it fixed with the quickness. He also listens to ways to improve the software, AND WILL ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT the improvements. This software has streamlined our piercing studio and makes it so much easier. Customers dig the fact that everything is stored and can return with less work and hassle and makes it easier for us to look back on things they have purchased or services they have got done. It also saves LOADS on paper due to being able to do the consent form digitally and being able to scan the I.D. right into the system. When setting it all up from the start it seems like a lot, but once you get it up and going it's totally worth it! A+++ Definitely recommend this software to any studio wanting to upgrade and go digital and to make your life way easier!