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REV23 has partnered with Plastic Resource to deliver custom, high quality magnetic stripe compatible gift cards to REV23 Desktop. Impress your clients with your own beautiful artwork on a professional gift card that can be loaded, reloaded and recycled.

Gift card balances are tracked by REV23 Desktop. This means no external processor, or gift card transaction fees!

Get them fast

Plastic Resource offers 4-9 day turn around times

No setup fees

Plastic Resource offers free card design with no setup fees.

Free shipping

Plastic Resource offers free shipping.


Do more with less counter clutter. REV23's gift card compatible hardware has many convenient uses. The products below are compatible with REV23 Desktop gift cards as well as being useful for other features.

Honeywell Xenon 1900 Handheld Bar Code Reader
Honeywell Bar Code Reader $350.00
MagTek Magstripe Swipe Card Reader SureSwipe USB MSR Track-1/2/3
MagTek SureSwipe Card Reader $90.00

DRIVER'S LICENSES Driver's license swipe to enter

Read data from a client's driver's license directly into REV23 Desktop. In a single swipe you can obtain the client's first, middle and last names, birthday, gender, address and driver's license number. Everything you need for a tattoo/piercing consent form!

CREDIT CARDS Credit card swipe to process

There is no terminal needed when processing credit cards in REV23 Desktop. Swipe the card to grab the credit card info and process the payment to get immediate authorization. EMV (chip reader) devices coming soon.

GIFT CARDS Gift card swipe to process

Gift cards swipe just like gift cards. No merchant account is required for gift card processing. All balances are handled internally so there is no processing fee for gift cards.