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Hassle-free Gift Cards

Custom Gift Cards by
Plastic Resource

Plastic Resource can print your custom artwork on REV23 compatible gift cards. With fast turn around and free shipping in the continental US, this is the easiest way to start selling gift cards to your clients.

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Swipe or scan

REV23 gift cards can be swiped with a magnetic stripe reader or a barcode reader. Separate hardware may be required as gift cards are not run through the credit card terminal.

No processing fees

REV23 gift cards are not processed with a third-party, so there are no transaction fees. REV23 maintains the balance of each card internally.


After fully used, you can reuse a gift card over and over until it starts looking icky and needs to be discarded.

Want to print your own?

While REV23 recommends our gift card partner for your gift card needs, we realize some may want to switch it up. Order one or more Gift Card Lots to receive a list of unique gift card numbers generated specifically for your studio. You can use these to have printed with your preferred gift card company, or print your own custom gift certificates from your inkjet/laser printer, etc...

Note: Gift Card Lots are not required when ordering gift cards from our gift card partner.

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Gift Card Compatible Hardware

Do more with less desk clutter. REV23's gift card compatible hardware has many convenient uses. The products below are compatible with REV23 Desktop gift cards as well as being useful for other features.