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  • v23.1.1.1461
  • Friday, February 24, 2023
  • Requires Microsoft Windows
REV23 Desktop

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Installation making your head spin?

Download & Install Tips

Our software is complex with a lot of moving parts and sometimes the installation of it can unfortunately go wrong. Here are some common issues that some users run into and how to get around them. Of course, if these don't work, we're here to help and you should contact support. Please try and be descriptive as possible and include any error messages you are seeing.


Sounds like a cheap excuse, but the reboot can work wonders. Especially during the initial installation, Microsoft SQL Server will fail to install if a reboot is pending from another installation or update.

Windows Update

Check Windows Update to make sure all updates are installed and that none are pending. Check for and install any updates, reboot, repeat until no updates remain.

Disable Anti-Virus

Once upon a time, virus scanners actually detected malicious code. Now, many (especially the free ones) simply work with a whitelist and will block applications they don't have on the list. Niche software from small developers like REV23 is sometimes incorrectly flagged. Our software has never, and will never contain a virus or malicious software.