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It's no mistake or coincidence that REV23 is trusted and relied on by some of the most successful businesses and names in the industry. REV23 was chosen by these businesses, not given away. These testimonials were earned, not bought.

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REV23 - Mystic Owl Tattoo

Mystic Owl Tattoo

REV23 has completely transformed our business operations. I no longer spend countless hours doing paperwork and manually entering numbers. I love having everything paperless and all in one place. Our schedule is more efficient for the clients, our artists and the overall business. I could not imagine my life without it!

REV23 - Red 5 Tattoo

Red 5 Tattoo

[REV23 Desktop] is a must-have for any shop looking to maximize their schedules and clientele. Several of our staff members have used this software for years at other studios, and we couldn't imagine not having it when we opened our doors. Keeping track of paperwork is a breeze, and the text/e-mail appointment reminders help our clients out a great deal considering they are sometimes booking several months in advance. Our artists are able to use the calendar sync to keep track of appointments on their phones and computers, as well as contact clients with the information given. It's truly an "all-in-one" software and any issues we may have, Nate resolves quickly. This system is the missing link that connects tattoo studios to the fast paced technology based society we live in today.

REV23 - Eternal Tattoo & Body Piercing

Eternal Tattoo & Body Piercing

This software is the next step in the evolution of the tattoo industry.

REV23 - Damask Tattoo

Damask Tattoo

I'm always a few clicks away from the exact info that I need to manage my studio with [REV23 Desktop]. I've never experienced customer service like this before. If I need anything or get confused I just call and Nate is there to walk me through it. I don't have to deal with software that has a million things that don't apply to me. Everything on the software is specifically for a tattoo studio and that's exactly what we needed.

REV23 - Hotrod Tattoo Inc.

Hotrod Tattoo Inc.

[REV23 Desktop] is a long needed program for professional Tattoo Studios. REV23 is progressive and continually make the software better. I look forward to updates as the software just keeps getting better and better. I highly encourage any tattoo studio that wants to grow their business, operate in a professional manner, or just be more organized with their approach to running a tattoo studio- Subscribe and you won’t be disappointed.