Designed for You

REV23 Desktop is designed specifically for the tattoo & body piercing industry. Our competitors try to sell you salon software that has a different name and icon, trying to convince you they're for the industry. They're not.

Uncompromised Features

Because we don't have to compromise our features to work with the salon industry, everything works how you would expect your tattoo & body piercing management software to work.

Time Tested

A lot of "new guys" are popping up out of the wood work, trying to profit on the growing industry, then just disappear. We've been here since 2010, and aren't going anywhere.


Using REV23 Desktop isn't rocket science (though there is a learning curve).
The process is basically how you already run your studio.

  • Appointment + Deposit

    Take an appointment for your client. Collect a deposit which can be used either in part or whole at payment time or rolled forward for session work.

  • Sign Consent Form

    The client signs the signature pad. Your customized consent form is pre-filled with their ID and signature and stored in the database. (It can also be emailed to them!)

  • Tattoo & Pierce

    Do what you do best here. We won't get in the way. Extremely flexible commissions and artist payout options. Automatically email aftercare instructions to client.

  • Get Paid

    Accept the client's cash, gift card, or process their credit card with integrated processing. A full POS allows you to up-sell aftercare, jewelry and more.


Instant Data Entry

A client's information can instantly be entered by swiping or scanning the barcode on their driver's license.

Digital Release Forms

Digital, paperless release forms. 100% customizable release form is pre-filled and stored digitally as PDF files and easily exported.

Deposit Tracking

Track deposits. Use them or roll them forward. Payout artists for no-show deposits.

Text & Email Reminders

Text message and email your clients appointment reminders and confirmations.

Mobile Calendar Access

Check your schedule from your mobile phone's built-in calendar app.
Currently read access only.


Advanced point-of-sale with integrated credit card and gift card processing, highly configurable jewelry inventory and much more.

Paperless Aftercare

Personalized aftercare instructions can be emailed directly to your client after their service has been completed.

Remote access

Install REV23 Desktop on your home PC or laptop and check-in on the studio while you're away.


You just need to decide between one of these, not both.

Monthly Subscription


The easiest and most popular way to get REV23 Desktop. Affordable, easy to manage, recurring monthly subscription. Always up-to-date. Priority support. Install on two (2) PCs. More PC's optionally available. REV23 Insider access.

Optional Features

Add-On PC: $6.99

To alter subscription features, please contact REV23 after you've created your subscription.

One-time purchase

$999.00 USD

Pay once and you're done. Updates and priority support included for one year. Annual upgrades are optional to get latest version and renewed support. Install on one (1) PC only. More PC's optionally available.

Optional Features

Add-on PC: $99.00

Upgrade: $499.99


Here's a selection of screenshots showing REV23 Desktop in action!


As is the case with most things, more power is always better. In general, REV23 Desktop will run on any Windows PC you can go buy at your local retailer today. For optimum performance, and especially remote connections, a higher end processor, more memory and SSD (solid state drive) are recommended for it to really scream!

Operating System

Recommended: Microsoft Windows 10
Minimum: Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows 7 w/ Service Pack 1.

64-bit Windows will be required on Main PC in a future update.
Windows 7 support will be discontinued in a future update.


BEAST MODE: Intel Core i7 processor
Recommended: Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor @ 1.8 GHz or faster
Minimum: Pentium III-compatible processor @ 1.4 GHz or faster

Memory (RAM)

Recommended: 4 GB RAM or greater
Minimum: 1 GB RAM

Hard Drive

BEAST MODE: 256GB or greater SSD for Main PC
Software (without database) requires approx. 500 MB

Additional 1TB or greater external hard-drive for automatic database backups highly recommended.


High-speed always-on internet required for credit card processing, email & text messaging, license activation. Remote connections require at least 20 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload.

Form Factor

All-in-one, Desktop, Laptop, Windows tablet (Surface). Desktop preferred for most cases.