APG Series 100 Cash Drawer

APG Series 100 Cash Drawer

Look, it's a metal box that keeps your cash where its supposed to be. Not much else to say about this guy. He's big, heavy and sturdy. If you connnect it to your receipt printer it will automatically open during transactions from REV23 Desktop.

This cash drawer requires a receipt printer to pop open the drawer.

This cash drawer does not always include the cable to connect it to the receipt printer. Find cable CD-101A to connect if no cable is included.

$199.00 USD
This item is not available for purchase from REV23 at this time. We do not know when this item will be back in stock so feel free to check Amazon!
Scott Creel

Works like a champ and super convenient. Love the slot for credit card receipts!

Brittany Ferrara
Pure Ink Tattoo

Seriously amazing! Works effortlessly with the REV23 system! And I love the drawer compartment underneath to hold rolls of coins! Add that to your arsenal!

Ann Ormond
Lisa Haley

Smooth operation and large capacity.