Find the perfect plan for your studio.

Plans & Pricing

Monthly Subscription

$79.99 per month
  • Low monthly price
  • Install on two (2) PCs
  • Always up to date
  • Priority support
  • Preview release access
  • Automatic recurring billing
  • Add additional PC installs for $8.99 ea

Prepaid Subscription

$959.88 per year
  • Prepay for 12-months
  • Install on two (2) PCs
  • Always up to date
  • Priority support
  • Preview release access
  • Requires annual renewal

REV23 Desktop License

$1,799.00 One-time payment
  • Pay once. You "own" it
  • Install on one (1) PC
  • Updates for 12-months
  • Priority support for 12-months
  • $899.99 annual upgrades (optional)
  • $199.99 additional PC install (optional)

Why choose a REV23 Desktop subscription?

Always up-to-date

You always have access to the latest REV23 version with new features, improvements & bug fixes.

Priority support

We can only support versions up to 18-months old. Using the most recent version ensures you're supported.

Subscription vs. one-time payment

What's the difference and what's right for my studio?

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Recommended Pay monthly or annually. You always have access to the latest version and support. Cancel at any time, however you lose access to software.


Pay once and you "own" it. Receive all updates for 12-months and support for 18-months. Annual upgrades are optional to receive latest version and continued support. Only recommended for studios that want to pay once, never again and never talk to us or need help.

Purchasing FAQ

Here are answers to the most asked questions about purchasing.

A REV23 recurring billing subscription offers you our great software and services for an affordable monthly payment. Your credit card is billed automatically each term unless you cancel. The subscription ensures you're always on the latest version of REV23 and receive priority support.

A REV23 prepaid subscription allows you to prepay for a subscription for a year. While still a subscription, this payment is not automatically billed each year. Instead, you will need to renew your subscription manually to continue using your REV23 services.

If you do not want to pay monthly for REV23 software, you can license it. This allows you to pay for REV23 software once and never pay again. When you license the software you receive any update we put out for 12-months after your purchase as well as priority support.

When you license REV23 software you get updates and support for 12-months after your purchase. If after this time we release a new version you would like to use, you can optionally upgrade your license for a fraction of the cost of the original license. The upgrade entitles you to another 12-month period of updates and priority support. If your license has been expired for more than 6 months, you will need to license the software at its original price, or obtain a subscription if you wish to upgrade. Add-on PC licenses do not need to be upgraded annually.

You don't have to! If after the one year of updates after you purchase your license REV23 releases an update with new features that you want you can upgrade. We don't force you to.

Definitely! If after your license expires you like what REV23 has to offer and always want to be up to date, you can just sign up for a subscription!

No. If you wish to move from a subscription to a license, you will need to purchase a license at its full price.

Well that'd be a silly thing to do! But in the event you no longer want to use REV23 software or services you can cancel your subscription. In the case of our Desktop software, your software will go into read-only mode, allowing you to access your data but not create, edit or delete existing records. You cannot transfer an inactive license to another computer. You cannot transfer the software to another PC after your license has been deactivated.

Unfortunately life just doesn't work this way. The largest reason is that it would be impossible to sustain a software business this way, especially a niche one like REV23. Aside from that fact though, we constantly update and improve our software. New versions of Microsoft Windows are released which we have to update for. Support wise, it's difficult for us to support versions older than two years old because of the quick-paced evolution of REV23 software. So to even go back to an old version to fix a tiny bug is impossible.

No. Hardware is not included with any software purchase and must be purchased separately.