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REV23 has partnered with TSYS to deliver PCI compliant, integrated credit card processing to REV23 Desktop to quickly process credit card deposits and sales, with seamless artist tipping and an easy batch settlement process.

Don't plan to use REV23 software in your tattoo/body piercing studio? That's cool! Our credit card processing service is specifically tailored to the tattoo and body piercing industry. You don't need to use REV23 Desktop or even have a REV23 account to use our credit card processing, as it can also work just like a usual merchant account with a stand-alone terminal to deliver great rates to your business!


TSYS is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau for outstanding customer service.


TSYS is committed to state-of-the-art technology and data security.


TSYS is dedicated to helping merchants grow their businesses.

All Major Cards

Accepts all major credit and debit cards*.

American Express

Process American Express® Card transactions at the same rate as other payment cards**.

REV23 Preferred

REV23 preferred agent pricing programs.

Fast Funds

Next-day funding available.

Go mobile

Wired, wireless, mobile and online payment acceptance***.

24/7 Support

TSYS offers 24/7, United States based customer support.

Hi! I'm Gladys! When you start a REV23/TSYS merchant application you'll work with me directly through the entire process! Fill out the application to get started right away, or if you'd prefer to chat first or if you have any questions, please email me at or call me at 657-238-5169. I'm excited to begin working with you!

Gladys Carabez-Green
VP Business Development, REV23 Liason
TSYS Corporate Sales


Do more with less counter clutter. REV23's credit card compatible hardware has many convenient uses. The products below are compatible with REV23 Desktop credit card processing as well as being useful for other features.

MagTek Magstripe Swipe Card Readers SureSwipe USB MSR Track-1/2/3
MagTek SureSwipe Card Reader $90.00

DRIVER'S LICENSES Driver's license swipe to enter

Read data from a client's driver's license directly into REV23 Desktop. In a single swipe you can obtain the client's first, middle and last names, birthday, gender, address and driver's license number. Everything you need for a tattoo/piercing consent form!

CREDIT CARDS Credit card swipe to process

There is no terminal needed when processing credit cards in REV23 Desktop. Swipe the card to grab the credit card info and process the payment to get immediate authorization. EMV (chip reader) devices coming soon.

GIFT CARDS Gift card swipe to process

Gift cards swipe just like gift cards. No merchant account is required for gift card processing. All balances are handled internally so there is no processing fee for gift cards.


While we recommend TSYS for processing in REV23 Desktop we understand you may have an existing merchant account that you're already satisfied with, and that's totally cool! Here are the key pieces of information you'll need to supply them with in order to check their compatibility with REV23 Desktop.

Platform Support

REV23 Desktop supports terminal capture on the TSYS/Vital or Paymentech platforms. If your processor supports one of those, you're good to go! If TSYS, you'll need to get a VAR sheet containing the configuration values for REV23 Desktop. With Paymentech it's pretty much a username and password.

Looking Us Up

Your processor will next attempt to locate us in their system. Here's the deal, they won't find "REV23". We use a third party component for credit card processing, and it is this company which holds the proper accreditation. Make sure they know to look up /nsoftware Direct Payment Integrator.

* REV23 Desktop does not support debit card transactions. Cards must be run as a credit card. This is to enable tipping on the card which is important to the industry.

** Merchants that process less than $1,000,000 in American Express annual charge volume may be program-eligible; some restrictions and exclusions may apply. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are not necessarily affiliated with TSYS. All trademarks contained herein are the sole and exclusive property of their respective owners. Any such use of those marks without the express written permission of their owner is prohibited. ©2017 Total System Services, Inc. TSYS® is a federally registered service mark of Total System Services, Inc. All rights reserved. TSYS Merchant Solutions is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA; Synovus Bank, Columbus, GA, and First National Bank of Omaha, Omaha, NE. TransFirst® is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA; Synovus Bank, Columbus, GA; and Deutsche Bank, New York, NY for Visa® and Mastercard® transactions only. TS6500

*** Features of stand-alone terminals. Mobile functionality is not included in REV23 Desktop but can be used side-by-side.