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Nate Laff · Saturday, January 6, 2024

I know it’s been very quiet around here, so I wanted to give you all an update on what’s been happening.

Our mobile app, REV23 X is still very much on the way. And quite close! I am a perfectionist and I refuse to release anything substandard. This has very much been the case with this app. It has admittedly taken quite a bit longer than I anticipated or would have liked, but it is what it is.

We hit many delays, the biggest of which was the iOS app. During COVID we made several design changes to the app to deal with the changing landscape of the industry. Unfortunately, we had the wrong team. And that’s all it comes down to. I have written the entire backend of this new app. The front-end user interfaces though (iOS, and web) required me to bring in other developers for the first time in REV23 history, whom I manage.

While development on the web was easy for me to oversee because it’s written in a language I know, iOS was completely foreign to me. Software development there tends to go quite a bit slower it seems. With nothing to compare to I could only trust the developer and the agency that reassured me month after month that this was just how the process goes. Eventually, enough became enough and I decided it was time to terminate our relationship with this developer.

Since that time, a new developer has been hired and shown me that in fact it does NOT need to take that long. However, it has been revealed that the code that was written by the previous developer was… bad. No other word for it. It was bad. We then had to decide, try to have that developer force new code in or fix it. We opted to fix it, which required rewriting many of the areas from scratch. It took longer, but the result was very much worth it as it boosted stability and makes future development that much faster.

As we enter the final stretch of polish, bug fixes and the last tweaks that will become v1.0 I am excited for what will become the foundation for the future of REV23. It’s been a journey to get here with many pitfalls, but we’ve picked ourselves up each time and brushed ourselves off with lessons learned and a better product.

I am about to start sharing some details, screenshots, videos, etc… very soon. But I will share one piece now. The world was a much different place when we named this new app “REV23 X”. We have decided to simplify this we are dropping the ‘X’ entirely. The new app is just “REV23”, while “REV23 Desktop” will remain the name for our Windows desktop version.

REV23 - Nate Laff

Nate Laff

Nate is the founder and developer of REV23.


REV23 - Francois Lefebvre
Francois Lefebvre

I am so ready for this!!!!

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