REV23 Desktop COVID-19 Update

We're introducing a new feature to REV23 Desktop to assist with rescheduling on a mass scale as you begin to open your studios after COVID-19 closures.

Nate Laff · Friday, May 15, 2020

What a strange couple of months it has been. Above all, we hope everyone is healthy, which is the most important thing.

Coming back to the studio is likely going to be stressful as you try to manage all of the new policies and procedures, as well as rescheduling a large number of appointments. We’re hoping to provide a little relief in that area with a new feature we’ve tinkered around with to solve a couple of challenges in REV23 Desktop.

For most people, the inclination to reschedule an appointment is to just drag and drop it to its new timeslot. Sure this works but there are a few critical things that make this approach less than optimal.

  • Once an email or text appointment confirmation has been sent for an appointment, it won’t be sent again.
  • You lose valuable data by not tracking how many reschedules have occurred. By just moving the appointment, your analytics will never take into account that an appointment was rescheduled.
  • Sometimes a client does not know when they want to reschedule for, therefor it becomes floating with no way to track it.

REV23 Desktop 18.1.9 includes a new feature that aimed to solve all of these issues which should help your flow for post coronavirus rescheduling and beyond.

How does this feature work?

  1. Locate the appointment and right-click it.

  2. Select “Reschedule” from the menu. Depending on if your filter is set to ‘Scheduled Appointments’ or ‘All Appointments’, the appointment may disappear. It’s still there, but its status has been set to ‘Rescheduled’

REV23 Desktop Reschedule Appointment Step 1

The appointment now goes to a "Rescheduling Queue" for lack of a better word. You now go about rescheduling it in a couple of ways. The choice is up to you.

  1. Use the Find Opening tool which will locate a slot. Use the new ‘Reschedule’ button next to the 'Search For' (duration) editor to locate an appointment that needs to be rescheduled and set the parameters properly. Find the new spot and select ‘Book It’ and the appointment will be recreated in the new slot.
REV23 Desktop Reschedule Appointment Step 3


  1. Find a time slot manually like you normally would, and when you right click, select ‘New Rescheduled Appointment’ in the popup menu. This shows appointments that need rescheduled that will fit in the selected time slot (or you can choose to show everything). Once selected, the appointment will be recreated in the new slot. When the appointment is recreated, we’re essentially doing a glorified copy-and-paste. Deposits, notes and attachments all move forward to the new appointment (they’re no longer associated with the old ‘orphaned’ appointment), and appointment confirmations are reset, allowing them to be sent again.
REV23 Desktop Reschedule Appointment Step 4

REV23 Desktop Reschedule Queue

We hope this new feature streamlines your rescheduling process as you begin to re-open and are inundated with calls and emails. Please let us know what you think and share any feedback on how you think this new feature could be improved!

We will also use this blog post to address some frequently asked questions regarding REV23 and this time.


Q: Can clients sign their release form from their phone or tablet out of the studio?

A: No. As always, clients must sign the secured signature pad. Besides being a legal grey area, release forms have always needed to be signed in person, and a physical ID check performed. In the long run this does not seem like a huge concern. If someone is in your studio getting tattooed for hours, signing the signature pad won't make much of a difference. Lysol wipe the pen when they're done, and you should be good to go. DO NOT SPRAY LYSOL DIRECTLY ON THE SIGNATURE PAD! REV23 X, our upcoming mobile app will be able to support such a scenario with ease, though I'm still not sure if it will be added because of the aforementioned grey area.

Beyond that though, its recommended you read REV23: A Decade of Tattoo Studio Software Part 4 - Road to Mobile for background information on why REV23 Desktop cannot suddenly support this feature.

REV23 - Nate Laff

Nate Laff

Nate is the founder and developer of REV23.


REV23 - Nate Laff
Nate Laff

This feature came together quite quickly and without, let's say, the polish that a new feature generally receives. v18.1 was not scheduled to get any new features, which were all being saved for v20, but seeing what everyone was going to be up against, I knew we had to pull some kind of a rabbit out of a hat.

That doesn't mean it's not quality! In fact, I'm pretty excited about it! But there is definitely going to be some room for you you all, the users, to help make it that much more rad with your suggestions!

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