New Commissions Report in REV23 Desktop 18.1

REV23 Desktop's new Commissions report is here just in time for tax season!

Nate Laff · Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Just in time for tax season, we’re releasing REV23 Desktop v18.1.7 with our new Commissions Report (BETA). This report replaces the Employee Payout Report, which will be removed over the next few months. All users, even those with custom Employee Payout Reports should migrate to this new version.

The new Commissions report has a wealth of options to customize how you view your payout data. Over the last ten years we have customized the payout report for users to include/exclude specific data, which was a maintenance and support nightmare for us. We’ve taken all of these typical requests and bundled them into a single report allowing you to switch things on or off to have complete control over this report.

In addition to being over 1,000% faster on some large datasets, such as running for an entire year or even a single month, we’ve also added one of the top requested features in our tattoo studio software over the last decade! We are now able to present the payment method of a tattoo/piercing service!

This report is considered Beta (pre-release). Though it is stable, and numbers are pulling what they’re supposed to, there may be some layout changes after we start receiving feedback from all of you. While we think we have all bases covered and tried to keep it as close to the original payout report as possible, there will inevitably still be some tweaking. Once we’re completely satisfied with the design, we will remove the beta tag, and clear out the old Employee Payout report.

To access this new report, simply navigate to Reports > Reports > Commissions.

Here’s a list of what is new and some of the features you can experiment with.

  • Performance improvements of over 1,000% faster in some cases.
  • You can now hide detail to collapse all data down for an artist to a single page. Easier for tax time. (Show Detail: No)
  • Optionally show payment methods for services to separate cash/credit. One of the top requested features. (Group Services By: Payment Type -or- Show More Detail: Yes)
  • Optionally show payouts that occurred for individual services, so artists have a reference of when and what they've already been paid. (List Payouts: Yes)
  • Artist needs proof of income for a car/home loan? You can now print for one or more selected artists instead of everyone. (Users options).
  • Want more detail about services than we used to show on the Emp. Payout report? Optionally show more detail for services to cover fields that users often request on customized payout reports. (Show More Detail)
  • Can optionally show zero-dollar commission amounts so you can get an accurate list of activity even if there is no commission. This is useful when an owner/artist does not take a cut, but still wants to see activity. (Show Zeros)

Give all of these options a try and let us know what you think!

REV23 - Nate Laff

Nate Laff

Nate is the founder and developer of REV23.


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