REV23 Desktop Changes to Email/Text Message Opt-In

REV23 Desktop has changed how email and text messaging opt-in works in a future version.

Nate Laff · Wednesday, May 15, 2019

In REV23 Desktop v18.1.4, being released shortly, we have changed how consent for email and text messages is handled by removing the need to opt-in to email or text message communications.

It’s important to note that REV23 Desktop does not send marketing emails. The emails that come from REV23 Desktop (appointment confirmations/reminders, aftercare and follow-ups) are considered transactional. As such, if the client has provided their contact information, they are automatically opting-in to those communications.

You should respect your client’s preference on whether they receive marketing email and text messages, but this should be done by your email marketing service such as Constant Contact. When they unsubscribe from your mailing list there, if you import them again from REV23 Desktop, that preference is retained. Because of this, we have determined the need to handle this separately on our end was no longer required and only caused confusion.

Here are the changes as a result of this.

  • The “Mailing List”, “Send Email” and “Sent Text Messages” checkboxes have been removed from the Customer detail view.
  • The signature pad will no longer prompt the client if they’d like to join the mailing list.
  • New appointments that are created will automatically have the checkboxes to send email and text message reminders checked if those details are provided. You can deselect each of these as desired per appointment.
  • Exporting the email marketing list will now export all clients with an email address.

We hope these changes streamline your process and reduce confusion. What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments!

REV23 - Nate Laff

Nate Laff

Nate is the founder and developer of REV23.


REV23 - Andrea Tartari
Andrea Tartari

Hi Nate, many people like to receive reminders but never want to be on the mailing list ... I prefer the old version


REV23 - Nate Laff
Nate Laff

Hi Andrea, the problem is if you mark them as being on the mailing list in REV23, then they later unsubscribe from a different service, it still is incorrectly marked in REV23. This way, by providing their info to you they are opting-in. Then if they unsubscribe from your email marketing service, that's all that matters. REV23 shouldn't dictate whether or not they're on the mailing list because there is no mailing list functionality there.

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