Breaking changes coming in REV23 Desktop v18.1

We’re always working on the next version of REV23 Desktop. Typically, this includes adding features, making improvements, and fixing bugs, but lately we’ve also seen a handful of features being removed.

In the next major version of REV23 Desktop, coming near the end of 2017, in addition to the usual improvements, we are planning to remove some features, as well as introduce new system requirement changes that we wanted you to have a heads up on. We anticipate most of you won’t notice, which is the primary reason why we’re removing them. When we remove a feature, its largely because its not widely used and/or creates an unnecessary complexity for those users who do not use it, and prevents us from enhancing, or adding additional functionality.

REV23 Desktop Installation.

This item has been delayed until v18.2.

Description: Windows 7 will no longer be supported. Additionally, REV23 Desktop (Server) will require a 64-bit version of Windows. The REV23 Desktop Add-On PC will still be able to be installed on 32-bit versions of Windows.

Reason: Our system requirements have changed, and the newest version of Microsoft SQL Server (the required database engine for REV23 Desktop), no longer supports Windows 7 or 32-bit operating systems.

User based inventory.

Description: Removing the ability to track artist/user inventory (i.e. Manage My Item).

Reason: Not widely used and adds complexity to inventory. Will be able to simplify inventory item creation and management without this overhead. All previously entered employee inventory items will be removed from the database.

Multiple vendors on single inventory item.

Description: Removing the ability to have multiple vendors on a single inventory item.

Reason: Not widely used and adds complexity to inventory. We will be able to simplify inventory item creation and management without this overhead. Items with a preferred vendor will have that information retained and moved to the item (i.e. vendor, cost, part number). Other previously entered vendor inventory items that were not assigned as the preferred vendor will be removed from the database.

Multiple users on a single appointment.

Description: Removing the ability to have multiple users assigned to the same appointment. Only one user will be able to be assigned to appointments. Appointments that already exist with two or more users will be moved to the first user we find.

Reason: Unnecessary complexity that most users do not use. Complicates Virtual Receptionist when sending appointment related emails/texts which requires merging user details in the appointment.

Direct to processor Credit Card Processing.

Description: Removing direct to processor credit card integration. REV23 software will no longer act as a credit card terminal, but instead open a connection to an external credit card terminal to send and receive data. This will require new hardware, and the existing swiper will no longer be used for credit card processing. After upgrading to this version, you will no longer be able to process credit cards using your existing settings. If you intent to process credit cards using REV23 Desktop, you will want to acquire the new terminal before upgrading. We will provide information on new hardware before this update is released to give you time to prepare.

Reason: EMV (chip card support) has changed software interaction with credit card processing. A semi-integrated solution, such as will be implemented, allows greater flexibility and security. See this page for more information.

Reporting changes.

Description: We are introducing an upgraded reporting solution. This will require rewriting all reports built into REV23 Desktop. Custom reports currently installed in your system will be deprecated and obsolete. While still accessible, some may fail to work properly. Additionally, some settings, such as the selected receipt templates, may be set to new defaults if you’re using an older custom version of this report, which will no longer be compatible.

Reason: REV23 is upgrading our reporting solution to provide more power and flexibility. Existing custom reports are incompatible with this reporting upgrade.


Cody Vaughn

Am I understanding correctly that with this update we will no longer be able to process credit cards with the existing swiper, but we still don't have an option for a new chip reader/swiper that will integrate with Rev23?

Nate Laff

Hi Cody, don't worry! This update will include support for chip terminals. We plan to start releasing information very soon about what you will need to do to get a supported terminal before this version is released.

You can read more about the upcoming implementation here:

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