REV23 Desktop 17.1 Update 1

Update 1 for REV23 Desktop 17.1 is now available to download.

Nate Laff · Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's been 3 weeks since the release of REV23 Desktop 17.1. While the release itself went pretty smooth, especially considering the massive change, there were of course some bugs to iron out. So today, we're releasing REV23 Desktop 17.1 Update 1, or 17.1.1 for short.

In 17.1 we introduced a new method for loading lists, which should have improved performance. While in most cases, it did exactly that, there were some PCs that didn't respond to the change well. This unfortunately resulted in the software acting a bit slower after upgrading from Tattoo Management Studio that did not appear during beta testing. We've changed this to another method for now which should ease those issues. We'll continue to tweak this more and possibly re-introduce this method in another update.

Other than that, we've fixed a few other issues which included not being able to refund deposits or services in some cases, default release form templates not being retained in the service type after upgrading from Tattoo Management Studio, and a few other minor issues.

We will also have an announcement on EMV (chip card) hardware soon! Stay tuned!

Thanks for the feedback on the initial release on 17.1 we really hope you're enjoying it!

REV23 - Nate Laff

Nate Laff

Nate is the founder and developer of REV23.


REV23 - Cody Vaughn
Cody Vaughn

Super excited to hear the chip reader will be released soon!

REV23 - Nate Laff
Nate Laff

Me too, Cody! No ETA quite yet but more info is coming soon!

REV23 - Doug Thompson
Doug Thompson

A chip reader would be awesome! I'm still one of the only shops in my area that uses an actual processing service for cards, not Square or one of those that attaches to your phone. A lot of people aren't willing to use that.

REV23 - Jason Littel
Jason Littel

I can't wait for the chip reader.

REV23 - Kat Slagle
Kat Slagle

I would love to try a new chip reader! i still haven't switched to connect my cards to this system but I do plan to.

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